About us

Bareeq Almana Company

Bareeq Al-Manea Company was established in 1993 after the liberation of Kuwait at the hands of Kuwaiti women, with the aim of contributing to the reconstruction of the country, the establishment of infrastructure, the construction of residential buildings, the implementation of government projects, and during this period of hard work, outstanding accuracy and superior quality in performance to satisfy customers
based on the confidence of our customers in us, we have gained preference among the contracting companies in Kuwait and with the increase in the volume of business and the implementation of many government projects successfully. Kuwait Municipality In addition to obtaining the classification of the second category in the Central Agency for Public Tenders for civil and construction works, external services works (roads and sewers), electrical and mechanical works.

our vision

Our ambition in “Bariq Al-Manea Company” leads us towards a successful future vision and the consolidation of our position in the field of general contracting in Kuwait. We always look towards the future by providing effective and integrated solutions to our customers and implementing our work with high accuracy and professionalism through an integrated work team, and keeping pace with the use of modern technology in the implementation of business.

Our goal

A strong goal is to build long-term partnerships with many of our customers in Kuwait, and we do our best to achieve this goal to meet the aspirations and needs of our current and future customers. We are also moving according to an organized plan through which we seek to expand our activities to serve the largest possible number of institutions and individuals.

Our message

Our mission lies in spreading the culture of quality in the field of contracting and this message that we adopt in order to provide the best services at the most appropriate costs, taking into account the pre-set time element.

Connact us

We welcome your contact with us through our communication channels to enrich us with your suggestions and opinions about the services that can be provided.